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Common Types of Freight Trucks and Their Characteristics

When choosing a freight truck, many people are often unaware of the different types and their specific features, which can lead to unnecessary losses. Here’s a detailed introduction to common freight truck types and their characteristics, helping you make an informed decision based on your needs and scenarios.

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1. Box Truck

A box truck is used for short-distance transportation and can be classified into single-axle, double-axle, cab-over-engine, and conventional models based on its appearance. It is suitable for products that require high protection against risks, such as boxed goods and high-tech products.


  • Features a fully enclosed cargo compartment, protecting goods from external elements.
  • Advantages include flexibility, ease of operation, high efficiency, and reliability.
  • Generally, transportation costs are higher due to the added protection.Box Truck

2. Low-Sided Truck

Also known as a flatbed truck, it comes in different forms such as pure flatbeds and step decks, and in special variants like ultra-low or ultra-wide flatbeds. It is mainly used for transporting shipping containers and palletized goods, especially useful for warehouses without loading platforms.


  • Sides can open on three sides, enhancing loading and unloading efficiency.
  • Goods are covered with tarpaulins to prevent rain damage.
  • Typically, ropes or special tools (like steel coil cradles) are used to secure cargo.Low-Sided Truck

3. High-Sided Truck

A high-sided truck is a hybrid between a low-sided truck and a box truck, featuring more enclosed cargo space than a low-sided truck but still requiring a tarpaulin for protection. It can be either semi-enclosed or fully enclosed.


  • High load capacity and good ventilation.
  • Suitable for transporting a wide range of products.
  • The high sides provide stability, combining the advantages of both box and flatbed trucks.High-Sided Truck


A container truck is specifically designed for transporting shipping containers and is typically used for long-distance transportation. It efficiently moves goods from one location to another quickly and safely.


  • High overall transport efficiency as goods can be loaded directly from the shipper’s warehouse and unloaded at the receiver’s warehouse.
  • During transit, there’s no need to move the cargo within the container, speeding up the flow of goods.
  • Offers flexibility, convenience, safety, and the capacity to transport large quantities of goods.Container Truck


When selecting a freight truck, it’s crucial to understand the different types and their features. Additionally, consider factors such as the nature of the cargo, transport distance, and time constraints to ensure safe and efficient delivery of goods to their destination.




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