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Customers Who Have The Intention To Purchase HOWO Concrete Mixer Truck Visit Our Company To Discuss The Cooperation Process

Important customers visited our company and conducted an in-depth investigation and negotiation on the purchase of HOWO concrete truck. Customers have shown great interest in our mixer and want to know more about its performance, quality and price.

During the meeting, the sales team introduced the characteristics and advantages of the HOWO concrete mixer truck in detail to the customer, emphasizing its high-quality manufacturing process, advanced mixing technology and reliable performance, while also providing some practical cases. The customer was satisfied with our presentation and raised some specific questions and concerns about the HOWO mixer truck.

In order to better meet the needs of customers, we invited customers to visit the mixing truck in the park. During this time, customers viewed the exterior, compartment and cab of the HOWO concrete truck and gained a more intuitive understanding of our quality and performance.

In further negotiations, we had in-depth discussions with the customer on details such as price, delivery time and after-sales service. Both sides have shown sincerity and willingness to cooperate.

Through this successful cooperation, we have not only won an important customer, but also consolidated our position in the HOWO Concrete Mixer Truck. The key to the success of this collaboration is the team’s expertise, good communication and customer-oriented service attitude. We will continue to work hard to provide customers with quality products and cooperation experience, and jointly create a better future.


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