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Gambia Customers Visiting The Factory Of Howo 400HP Dump Trucks And Reaching Cooperation

Customers of Howo 400HP Dump Truck Reach Cooperation After Visiting the Factory

Recently, a group of customers who have a strong interest in Howo 400HP dump trucks were invited to visit the production factory in JiNan.

Accompanied by the responsible persons of the factory, the customers went deep into the understanding of the production process and strict quality control system of Howo 400HP dump truck.  They witnessed the advanced production equipment and efficient production line with their own eyes, and had a more intuitive understanding of the manufacturing process and quality assurance of the vehicle.

During the visit, the technical personnel of the factory detailed the various performance characteristics and technical advantages of the Howo 400HP dump truck.  The customers gave high praise to the strong power, efficient carrying capacity, and advanced safety configuration of the vehicle.

Through this on-site visit, the customers have a deeper understanding of the product quality and corporate strength of Howo 400HP dump truck, and enhanced the confidence to cooperate with the enterprise.  In the subsequent negotiations, both parties successfully reached a cooperation intention.

The achievement of this cooperation is not only the recognition of the Howo 400HP dump truck products, but also the affirmation of the comprehensive strength of the enterprise.  It is believed that with the joint efforts of both parties, a broader market prospect will be created in the future.


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