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Our Company Led Customers To Visit The Sinotruk HOWO Cargo Truck Factory And Promoted Cooperation.

The customer has a strong interest in purchasing a batch of high-quality HOWO cargo truck. In order to give customers a more comprehensive understanding of the HOWO cargo truck, our company specially arranged a factory visit.

On the day of the visit, customers are guided into the production workshop to watch the manufacturing process of the HOWO box truck. From the assembly of parts to the assembly of the whole vehicle, each link demonstrates a high degree of specialization and refinement. The staff explains the various performance of the HOWO cargo van truck in detail, so that customers have greater confidence in the reliability and adaptability of the HOWO flatbed truck.

During the visit, the customer actively asked questions and had in-depth exchanges with the technicians of the factory. They put forward their own concerns and suggestions on the production process, quality standards and after-sales service of HOWO cargo trucks. The factory listened carefully and gave detailed answers and adoption.

Through this visit, the customer not only had an intuitive understanding of the production process and quality of the HOWO cargo truck factory, but also felt the factory’s attention to customer needs and the sincerity of cooperation. This has laid a solid foundation for the cooperation between the two sides, and also won the trust and reputation of our customers.


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