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To Celebrate The Successful Signing Of The Contract For The Purchase Of Sinotruk HOWO Tractor Trucks With Our Company

Customers needed to buy new tractors to meet their transportation needs, and among the many tractor brands and dealers in the market, they finally chose to cooperate with Sinotruk HOWO Tractor Truck.

At the beginning of the purchase process, the sales team conducted in-depth communication with the customer to understand the specific needs of the customer in detail, including the type of vehicle, load capacity, fuel efficiency and other requirements. According to this information, several suitable HOWO Tractor tractor trailer models are recommended for customers, and detailed technical parameters and quotations are provided.

In order to give customers a better understanding of the product, customers went to the factory to experience the handling, comfort and performance of different models of HOWO Tractor truck head for themselves, which allowed them to more intuitively assess whether the vehicle met their requirements.

Throughout the cooperation process, we maintained close communication and coordination with the customer and signed the purchase contract. At the same time, it has also established a good customer relationship and won the trust and satisfaction of customers.


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