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Maintenance Guide for Concrete Mixer Trucks

With the arrival of summer, the scorching sun not only brings the test of high temperature to people, but also brings severe challenges to construction vehicles, especially mixer trucks. As an indispensable and important equipment on construction sites, the performance and reliability of mixer trucks directly affect the progress and quality of the project. However, under high temperature environment, the working conditions of mixer trucks become more demanding. In order to ensure that mixer trucks can operate normally in high temperatures in summer and maintain efficient attendance, we have specially compiled a summer mixer truck maintenance guide to help car owners deal with various problems caused by high temperatures and ensure that mixer trucks can operate stably in the hot summer.

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1. Reasonable use of external additives

During construction, cement consumption can be reduced in two ways:
Use water reducer.
Replace part of cement with fly ash.
For situations where long-distance transportation is required, retarders can be used to control the setting time of concrete, but the correct amount of retarder must be ensured to ensure the quality and performance of the concrete.

2. Avoid excessive engine temperature

The engine is the core component of the mixer truck. In the hot summer environment, the engine is prone to overload, resulting in excessive water temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to:
Check the water temperature gauge regularly and pay attention to water temperature changes.
When the water temperature exceeds 100℃, stop the car immediately in a cool place to cool down and check the engine.
Let the engine idle and open the engine hood to help dissipate heat.

3. Avoid battery water loss

In a high temperature environment, the water in the battery electrolyte evaporates faster, which can easily lead to battery water loss and damage. Therefore, in summer, you should:
Check the battery liquid level frequently.
Add distilled water in time to ensure that the battery liquid level remains at an appropriate level.

4. Check tire pressure regularly

Tire pressure is crucial to the safe driving of mixer trucks. High temperatures in summer may cause tires to overheat, affecting their service life. You should:
Check tire pressure regularly (at least once every half a month).
Avoid driving for long periods of time. If you have been through water, wait until the tire temperature drops appropriately before continuing to drive.

5. Check each instrument regularly

High temperatures may cause abnormal operation of machine parts. In summer, you should:
Strengthen the inspection and maintenance of the engine cooling system, including the water tank, thermostat, water pump, fan, etc.
Add cooling water in time.
Check whether the motor and electrical appliances are overheated or make abnormal noises.
Clean the air filter element and the intake pipe regularly.
Replace the engine oil and filter regularly.

6. Regular cleaning of the tank

Keeping the tank of the mixer truck clean is essential to extend its service life. You should:
Clean the feed port with water before each loading and keep it moist.
Clean the remaining concrete with clean water after loading.
Clean the discharge port after unloading and add 30-40L of clean water to the tank for internal cleaning.
Clean the concrete storage tank and the area around the inlet and outlet before leaving work to ensure that there are no cement and concrete lumps.

Summer is a test for mixer trucks, but with the right care and maintenance measures, we can minimize the adverse effects of high temperatures. From the rational use of external additives to regular tire pressure checks, from avoiding excessive engine temperatures to regular inspections of various instruments, to regular cleaning of the tank, every detail cannot be ignored. Through this summer mixer truck maintenance guide, we hope to help car owners improve the performance and safety of concrete mixer trucks in summer, ensure that mixer trucks can operate stably in the hot summer, and provide solid protection for the smooth construction of construction sites. Remember, good maintenance habits are the key to extending the service life of mixer trucks and improving work efficiency. Let us meet the challenges of summer together and ensure that mixer trucks can perform well even at high temperatures.


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