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Safety Details for Operating a Concrete Mixer Truck

Concrete mixer trucks are specialized equipment with inherent risks, so users must pay attention to various details to ensure their safety. Here are some specific guidelines:

  1. Secure Chutes on Highways: When driving on highways, the extended chute must be flipped and securely fastened to the discharge chute using hooks. Then, turn it to a vertical position relative to the truck body and lock it with the locking device to prevent shaking, which can cause accidents and affect other vehicles.
  2. Follow Concrete Specifications: Ensure the volume, quality, and slump of the transported concrete meet the specified requirements.
  3. Empty the Drum Before Loading: When parking the mixer in open areas, reverse the drum before loading to empty any accumulated water (or rainwater) and debris to maintain concrete quality.
  4. Wear Protective Gear: When working near the discharge chute or hopper, wear protective gear. Avoid approaching the hopper and mixing port, peeking inside, or touching the rotating drum with your hands.
  5. Inspect and Test New Trucks: New trucks must be inspected and tested before official use, ensuring everything is functioning correctly.
  6. Adjust for Evaporation: If, upon delivery, the moisture has evaporated, and the slump is too low, add water to the drum. Rotate at 12-14 rpm for 30 revolutions before unloading.
  7. Limit Continuous Operation: Continuous operation of work devices should not exceed 8 hours.
  8. Check Height and Weight Limits: When passing through bridges, tunnels, or warehouses, be mindful of height clearances and road weight limits to avoid damaging the mixer.
  9. Keep Drum Rotating: During empty running and concrete transport, the mixing drum must keep rotating to prevent wear on rollers and tracks and to avoid concrete segregation.
  10. Maintain Water Levels: Always keep the water tank full for emergencies.

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