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Load Capacity and Volume of Dump Trucks

I. Classification by Load Capacity

  1. Micro Dump Trucks:
    • Load capacity: Less than 2 tons
    • Application: Suitable for short-distance transport in city centers or construction sites.
  2. Light Dump Trucks:
    • Load capacity: 2 tons to 5 tons
    • Application: Ideal for transportation in city centers or suburban areas.
  3. Medium Dump Trucks:
    • Load capacity: 5 tons to 15 tons
    • Application: Suitable for long-distance transport in urban and surrounding areas.
  4. Heavy Dump Trucks:
    • Load capacity: 15 tons to 40 tons
    • Application: Used for transporting heavy materials in construction sites, mines, etc.
  5. Ultra-Heavy Dump Trucks:
    • Load capacity: Greater than 40 tons
    • Application: Designed for heavy material transport in mines, construction sites, etc.

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II. Classification by Volume

  1. Small Dump Trucks:
    • Load volume: Less than 3 cubic meters
    • Application: Suitable for small to medium-sized projects in urban streets, such as road construction and landscaping.
  2. Medium Dump Trucks:
    • Load volume: 3 cubic meters to 6 cubic meters
    • Application: Ideal for material transport in small to medium-sized projects.
  3. Large Dump Trucks:
    • Load volume: 6 cubic meters to 25 cubic meters
    • Application: Used for material transport in large projects, construction, and road building.
  4. Ultra-Large Dump Trucks:
    • Load volume: Greater than 25 cubic meters
    • Application: Suitable for transporting materials in mines, cement plants, and other large construction sites.

III. Classification by Structure

  1. Rear-Tipping Dump Trucks:
    • Feature: Hinged at the rear, allowing the cargo to be tipped backward.
  2. Side-Tipping Dump Trucks:
    • Feature: Hinged on the side, allowing the cargo to be tipped to the side.
  3. Three-Way Tipping Dump Trucks:
    • Feature: Hinges on the front, rear, and sides, allowing the cargo to be tipped in three directions.
  4. Flatbed Dump Trucks:
    • Feature: Flatbed structure, suitable for transporting long, narrow materials.


The choice of dump truck specifications and models should be based on the actual requirements and needs. When purchasing or using dump trucks, it is also essential to ensure the regularity of procurement channels and the quality of the vehicles to ensure safe and stable transportation.


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