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Tips For Dump Truck Maintenance

Dump trucks have always played an important role in engineering construction and ore mining and transportation. They are usually overloaded, have poor working conditions, and suffer great wear and tear. Therefore, the general service life of dump trucks is about 3 years, and the cost of replacing a truck is very high. In order to make your beloved car last longer and earn more wealth for yourself, JNHTC has specially prepared tips on the maintenance of dump trucks for everyone, hoping to be helpful to truck drivers.

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The main difference between dump trucks and general vehicles is the lifting function. The hydraulic cylinder is crucial, so it is very important to check the hydraulic system.

(1) Check the amount of hydraulic oil in the dump truck. If it is insufficient, replenish it in time. Check whether the hydraulic system is damaged or leaking. If necessary, deal with it in time;

(2) Pay attention to and check whether the connection and fastening between the upper and lower supports of the hydraulic cylinder of the dump truck, the connecting rod mechanism and other components are reliable. Observe whether the moving parts and their adjacent fixed parts are abnormally damaged or deformed;

(3) Check the integrity of the dump truck’s car body, subframe, spare tire rack, etc., and pay special attention to checking whether the welds have open welding, cracks, etc.;

(4) Check the working or wear condition of the moving parts of the dump truck such as gear pumps, power take-offs, hydraulic cylinders, etc., and perform maintenance, repairs and replacement of wearing parts.

In addition, daily maintenance is also very important. The following items should be checked regularly every week or after every 50 hours of work: Check all gas and oil circuits of the dump truck for leaks and replace damaged hoses in time; Check all bolts and nuts for looseness. If so, tighten them in time; Check whether the valves and hydraulic cylinders on the vehicle are dirty. If so, clean them; Each oil filling point must be filled with oil once to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle; Check the condition of the pads, rubber pads or rubber pads. If they are aged, they must be replaced in time.

In addition, for the maintenance and care of dump trucks, the following points should also be paid attention to:

(1) The high-pressure hose of the dump truck must be replaced every two years. If the hose is found to be cracked, damaged or partially expanded, it should be replaced in time;

(2) The dump truck’s dumping mechanism should be checked frequently for leaks and oil seepage. When filling hydraulic oil, check whether the filter installed at the refueling port is damaged. Replace it if necessary to avoid impurities from mixing in, which will accelerate the wear or early damage of the hydraulic components. It is strictly forbidden to mix hydraulic oils of different brands and fill hydraulic oil that does not meet the requirements of the manual.

(3) Check the engagement and separation of the power take-off and gear pump of the dump truck regularly to see if they are normal, to avoid accidental lifting of the car body due to incomplete separation. In the working state, pay attention to whether the vehicle has abnormal noise or high temperature, and eliminate them in time if necessary to avoid premature damage to the power take-off, gear pump, valves, etc.

(4) When inspecting the dump truck, check the working surface of the hydraulic cylinder piston rod to see if there are any bruises or scratches. If there are any, repair or replace them in time, otherwise the working performance of the hydraulic cylinder will be significantly reduced.

(5) Check the locking mechanism of the dump truck’s rear compartment plate regularly to see if it is reliable, and adjust it to a reasonable automatic opening and closing angle to prevent the rear compartment plate from accidentally opening or failing to open during lifting, causing accidents; when dumping large pieces of material, the rear compartment plate should be removed to avoid damaging the rear compartment plate.

(6) When inspecting the dump truck, pay attention to cleaning to prevent debris from entering the hydraulic system to avoid wear of components, blockage of valves, etc., which may cause a decrease in working performance.

(7) If the dump truck is out of service for a long time, it should be inspected according to the inspection contents of a new car before it is reused. It can only be used after it passes the inspection.

(8) Check whether the connection between the chassis frame and the subframe is reliable, whether the U-bolts and shear irons are loose, and whether the pads, rubber pads or rubber pads are firmly fixed. If there is any looseness or misalignment, they must be tightened and reset.

(9) The hydraulic oil must be kept clean and replaced regularly and in time. The hydraulic oil must be allowed to settle for 48 hours before being injected into the tank. The hydraulic oil filtration accuracy is <25μm. (The tank should be cleaned regularly to remove sediment. The hydraulic oil should be replaced regularly according to the deterioration, but the maximum replacement period is one year)

(10) Grease should be added regularly to the lubrication points of each transfer part of the dump truck. Use automotive lithium-based grease No. 2.

In short, it is not easy for truck drivers to make money, so they should save when they should. Even if they have a hard time, they should spend some time to maintain their cars. Careful maintenance will bring great returns. Even if they change cars, the residual value of a used car will be very high.


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