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400HP 12CBM Dust Suppression Truck Vehicle Water Sprinkler Water Mist Cannon Sprayer Truck

Cabin: HW 76 cab, with one bed and air
Engine: WP10.400E201 400HP, EUROII
Gear Box : HW19710, 10 forward 2 reverse with PTO
Driving Alex: HC16
Front Axle: HF9 drum
Truck water tank is composed of cargo chassis, water tank, water pipeline and control valve, etc.

Truck water tank is composed of cargo chassis, water tank, water pipeline and control valve, etc.Howo truck water tank is mainly used for flushing road, watering trees, green belts, spraying pesticide, dust suppression,water transportation, drainage,emergency fire fighting and so on. 12000 liters truck water tank is made of high quality carbon steel or stainless steel, and is produced in automatic assmbly line and automatic painting line.Howo 12000 liters truck water tank can be customized and made a mass production.

Cabin  HW 76 cab, with one bed and air
Engine  WP10.400E201  400HP, EUROII
Gear Box  HW19710, 10 forward 2 reverse with PTO
Driving Alex  HC16
Front Axle  HF9 drum
Steering   Power steering ZF8118 from Germany
Tires 12.00R20 Radial Tyre
Fuel Tank  300L
Water tank volume  12,000 liters, tank thickness is 5 mm, seal is 5 mm Equipped with pump and nozzle
Color White

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