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China SINOTRUK HOWO NX 8X4 400HP 50 Tons Dump Tipper Truck

Dump truck refers to the vehicle that lifts the goods by itself through hydraulic or mechanical lifting. Also known as dump truck. It is composed of automobile chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, cargo compartment and force taking device. In civil engineering, dump trucks often work together with excavators, loaders, belt conveyors and other construction machinery to form loading, transporting and unloading production lines for the loading and unloading of earth, sand and bulk materials.

Dump truck advantages
Because the loading carriage can automatically dump the material at a certain Angle, it greatly saves the unloading time and labor, shorens the transportation cycle, improves the production efficiency and reduces the transportation cost, and is a commonly used transport special vehicle.
1. Classification according to appearance: single bridge dump truck, double bridge dump truck, flat head dump truck, pointed dump truck, four after eight dump trucks, two-bridge semi-dump truck, three-bridge semi-dump truck
2. Classification according to use: agricultural dump truck, mining dump truck, garbage dump truck, coal transport dump truck, construction machinery dump truck, sludge dump truck
3. According to the different drive mode, it is also divided into 6×4, 8×4 to dump and semi-dump trucks.
4. According to different uses, it is also divided into mining dump trucks for transporting coal, sand and gravel; Sanitation and greening dump trucks are used for transporting garbage.
5. According to the direction of the carriage turning, there are front lift and rollover dump trucks. At present, there are two-way tipper trucks, mainly used in construction projects.

Sinotruk Howo 8X4 Dump Truck
More configuration
Driving Type
8X4(Left or Right)
4X2 / 6×6 / 6X4
HW76,1 bunk,with air condition
10 Forward and 2 Rearward
Front Axle
VGD95 Drum
Driving Alex
Metallic grey
Fuel Tank
WP10.400E201,400HP, EUROII
Lifting System
Middle lift
Cargo Box
Body Thickness
bottom:8mm Side:6mm

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