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HOWO 4X2 6 wheel 3 Tons Refrigerated Van Light Truck

Refrigerated truck is used to transport frozen or fresh-keeping goods closed van transport truck, is equipped with refrigeration unit refrigeration device and polyurethane insulated car refrigerated special transport vehicle, often used to transport frozen food (refrigerated truck), dairy products (milk transport truck), vegetables and fruits (fresh cargo transport truck), vaccine drugs (vaccine transport truck) and so on.

The refrigerated truck is composed of the walking part of the special car chassis, and the thermal insulation body (generally composed of polyurethane material, glass fiber reinforced plastic, color steel plate, stainless steel, etc.), the refrigeration unit, the temperature recorder in the car and other components. For vehicles with special requirements, such as meat hook cars, meat hook can be installed, waist blocking, aluminum alloy guide rail, ventilation groove and other optional parts.
Tightness: The container of the refrigerated truck needs to ensure a strict seal to reduce the heat exchange with the outside world to ensure that the refrigerator is kept at a low temperature.
Refrigeration: The installed refrigeration equipment is connected with the container and provides a continuous flow of refrigeration to ensure that the temperature of the container is within the allowable range of the goods.
Lightness: The goods transported by refrigerated trucks are usually items that can not be stored for a long time, although there is refrigeration equipment, it still needs to reach the destination faster.
Heat insulation: the container of the refrigerated truck is similar to the container, but it is made of a material with better insulation effect, which reduces the heat exchange.

Truck Brand
Driving wheel
Driving type
Left Hand Driving
Chassis Model
Dimension(Lx W x H)(unloaded)(mm)
body dimension (L x W x H)mm
Approaching angle/Departure angle(°)
Overhang(front/rear) (mm)
Wheel base (mm)
Leaf spring
Max speed(km/h)
Curb weight(kg)
Loading Weight(kg)
4102, 4- stroke direct injection diesel engine, 4 cylinders in line with water cooling
Fuel type
Horse Power, max(kw/rpm)
Fuel tanker capacity (L)
WLY6T100, 6 forwards and 1 reverse
Brake system
Service brake
Dual circuit compressed air brake
Parking brake
spring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels
Front axle
Rear axle
7.50R16 Steel , 6+1 Spare
2080 Cabin with AC.
Refrigerator unit
Thickness: Bottom: 105mm
Side and rear door: 85mm
Protector Material: Q235
Brand: Carrier(American)
Type: Non-independent
Temperature: -18 degree-0 degree
One pair door on the back side
Option: One door on the side will be add
More seals on the cryogenic insulation chamber effectively increase air-tightness
The seamless body is smooth, easy to clean, and both impact and corrosion resistant.

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