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Shacman H3000 12 Wheels Cargo Truck Price

Driving type: 8×4
Whole dimension :11800x2600x3850mm
Loading weight :31-40 ton

Bucket size: 9400x2300x2300mm
Max speed :90km/h

Product description

The Shacman H3000 Cargo Truck features a powerful engine that delivers excellent performance and fuel efficiency. The truck is known for its durability, enabling it to handle various terrains and heavy loads. With a comfortable cabin and user-friendly design, it provides a pleasant driving experience for the driver. Its advanced safety features ensure secure transportation. Whether for long hauls or local deliveries, the Shacman H3000 Cargo Truck is a trusted choice, meeting the demands of the transportation industry.

Product parameter

Driving type 8×4 Model No Cstar-TT-Shacman
Whole dimension 11800x2600x3850mm Bucket size 9400x2300x2300mm
Loading weight 31-40 ton Max speed 90km/h
Engine No WP10.380E22 Cylinder No 6
Fuel type Diesel Emission 9.726L
Emission standard Euro 2,3 Horse power 380hp
Gearbox no FAST12TDS2010 Transmission type Manual
Forward 12 speed Reverse 2 speed
Dump truck chassis and tire
Front axle MAN 7.5T Front axle loading 7500kg
Rear axle MAN 13T Rear axle loading 13000kg
Tires 12.00R20 16PR Tire quantity 12, with spare tire

Product picture

H3000 8X4 CARGO TRUCK Left surface H3000 8X4 CARGO TRUCK H3000 8X4 CARGO TRUCK flank H3000 8X4 CARGO TRUCK flank H3000 8X4 CARGO TRUCK flank

Buying Advantages

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When you buy from us, you will not only enjoy the quality guarantee, but we will also give you some extra vulnerable parts.

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