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SHACMAN X3000 8cbm Concrete Mixer Truck For Sale

SHACMAN 8cbm Concrete Mixer Truck Concrete mixer trucks, also known as transit mixers, are specialized vehicles used for transporting and mixing concrete during construction projects. These trucks consist of a rotating drum mounted on the back of a truck chassis. The drum’s interior is fitted with blades that continuously churn and mix the concrete as the truck travels to the construction site.concrete mixer trucks play a vital role in the construction industry by efficiently mixing and transporting concrete to job sites. Their robust design and specialized features make them essential equipment for delivering high-quality concrete for various construction applications.

Mixer Truck
Operating weight
Warranty of main components
1 year
Movable type
Water tank capacity
Mixed capacity

Buying Advantages

Why Buy Trucks from JNHTC?

We purchase 5000+ trucks in bulk every year, so we can get a better price.

When you buy from us, you will not only enjoy the quality guarantee, but we will also give you some extra vulnerable parts.

We will recommend a truck that better suits your needs, such as Shacman is more suitable for harsh terrain, and FAW has higher fuel efficiency.

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