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Quality Meets Affordability: Unveiling Our Reliable Aerial Work Vehicles

About Aerial Work Truck

A aerial work vehicle  refers to a specialized vehicle used to transport personnel and equipment to the site for aerial work. It typically utilizes hydraulic or electric systems to control multiple hydraulic cylinders for lifting and lowering.

High-altitude operation vehicles are divided into four types based on the form of their lifting mechanisms. They generally include telescopic boom type (straight boom type), folding boom type (articulated boom type), vertical lift type, and hybrid type.

Aerial Work Vehicle Video

In the video we show our aerial work vehicles from different angles

Aerial work vehicle configuration advantages

Dual Boom Cylinders

Powerful and stable, capable of handling sudden situations.

Dual Chain Drive

Six-section, seven-sided working boom with synchronized telescoping, enhancing efficiency and stability.

Front and Rear Outriggers

Can be operated simultaneously or independently, suitable for various working conditions.

Electric Emergency Pump

In emergencies, the system can return personnel to the ground and retract the entire vehicle to driving status.

Work Platform

Features automatic leveling, 360° rotation for larger working space, and automatic overload protection.

Night Safety Warning

Equipped with engineering strobe lights and illumination lights, ensuring safety during nighttime operations.

Aerial work vehicle classification

Telescopic Boom Lift

Articulating Boom Lift

Hybrid Boom Lift

Vertical Lift

Things to note when buying a Aerial Work Truck

Confirm your application environment.

Your application environment and required height and functions will allow our sales personnel to recommend the product that best suits your needs.

Depending on the configuration, the price of a Aerial Work Truck, typically ranging from $15,000 to $38,000.

Aerial Work Truck Blog

Daily maintenance items for aerial work vehicles

1. Replace hydraulic oil The hydraulic system is one of the core components of the aerial work vehicle, and the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic system plays a very important role. In order to ensure its normal operation, the hydraulic oil should be replaced regularly every year and replaced in

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Presentation of Aerial Work Vehicles

Classification of Aerial Work Vehicles

Aerial work vehicles refer to vehicles with a height of more than 3 meters, controlled by hydraulic or electric systems with multiple hydraulic cylinders, capable of lifting and operating up and down. Aerial work vehicles with hydraulic transmission are advanced modern mechanical equipment. If you have a need to purchase

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