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Good Quality Sturdy And Durable Cargo/Lorry Truck For Sale

About Cargo/Lorry Truck

Cargo trucks, also known as lorry trucks, refer to a type of vehicle that utilizes automotive technology and incorporates specialized cargo space within the vehicle body for transporting goods. They are sometimes also used for towing other vehicles.

Common types include box truck, flatbed truck, fence truck, refrigerated truck, oli tank truck, and others. They are generally categorized into heavy-duty and light-duty based on their weight.

The majority of cargo trucks are powered by diesel engines, although some light-duty trucks use gasoline, propane, or natural gas. In recent years, there has been an emergence of electric cargo trucks with the advancement of technology.

Cargo/Lorry Truck Video

In this video, we filmed the surroundings, cabin, front, and cab of the cargo truck.
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Buyer Guide

1.Low Bed Truck
Low bed trucks, also known as flatbed trucks, are categorized based on the shape of their bed, with two main types: flatbed and low-profile flatbed. Depending on the height and width of the bed, they can be further classified into regular flatbed, ultra-low flatbed, and extra-wide flatbed. Among them, ultra-low and extra-wide flatbeds belong to special-purpose vehicles. Features include three-way opening of the cargo box for easy loading and unloading, making them suitable for goods handled by forklifts or cranes. Goods are often wrapped in tarpaulins to prevent rain damage, and are typically secured using ropes or specialized tools.

2.High Bed Truck
High bed trucks are a type of vehicle that falls between low bed trucks and box trucks. Although relatively more enclosed than low bed trucks, they still require tarpaulin protection and come in both semi-enclosed and fully enclosed variants.

3.Box Truck
Box trucks, also known as van trucks, are primarily used for fully enclosed transportation of various goods. Specialized types of box trucks can also transport hazardous materials. They are characterized by their mobility, ease of operation, high efficiency, large transport capacity, efficient space utilization, as well as safety and reliability. Options for box trucks include rear doors, side doors, full enclosure, semi-enclosure, and cargo barriers.

First, you need to clarify your transportation needs before purchasing a truck. You need to consider the type and volume of goods being transported, the frequency and the distance traveled.

  1. To transport large flat goods, such as wooden boards, glass, etc., it is recommended to use flatbed trucks
  2. For transporting goods that are easily affected by weather or need protection, it is recommended to choose box trucks.
  3. To transport goods that need to be kept at low temperature, such as food, medicine, etc., it is recommended to choose refrigerated trucks.
  4. To transport construction machinery, such as excavators, bulldozers, etc., low-bed trucks are recommended
  5. ……

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The load capacity of common cargo trucks ranges from 3 tons to 60 tons, depending on the model selected.

Of course, there are many configurations available for Crago trucks for you to choose from.

Common options include: cab type, horsepower, wheelbase, body type, thickness, size, tires, and more… If you need a cargo truck now, please contact us.

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