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Reliable quality and cheap mixer truck for sale

About Mixer Truck

A mixer truck, also known as a concrete mixer truck or cement mixer truck, is a specialized vehicle designed for transporting concrete or cement for construction purposes. These trucks are equipped with a cylindrical mixing drum for carrying the mixed concrete.If you need concrete pump truck, please click.

Internally, the drum resembles a cylinder with tapered ends and is fitted with clockwise arranged blades. During transportation, the mixing drum rotates continuously to prevent the concrete from solidifying. After delivering the concrete, the interior of the mixing drum is typically rinsed with water to prevent residual concrete from hardening and occupying space, thereby preserving the volume of the mixing drum.

Mixer Truck Video

We took videos of the tank, cab, etc. of the mixer truck.

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Buyer Guide

A mixer truck is primarily composed of a mixing drum, transmission system, hydraulic system, feeding device, discharging device, and electrical control system. The specific working principle is as follows:

  1. Firstly, the cement mixer truck adds raw materials such as cement, sand, gravel, and water into the mixing drum through the feeding device.

  2. The mixing drum contains multiple sets of mixing blades. Under the drive of the transmission system, the mixing drum rotates at high speed, thoroughly mixing the raw materials to form concrete.

  3. The concrete is discharged through the discharging device for use in construction projects.

  4. The hydraulic system provides power for the rotation of the mixing drum and adjusts the tilting angle, while the electrical control system controls and monitors the entire equipment.

  1. Inspect Equipment: Check the status and functionality of the equipment, including the mixing drum, transmission system, hydraulic system, etc., to ensure the equipment can operate properly.

  2. Prepare Work: Prepare the necessary raw materials, tools, consumables, etc., for use.

  3. Start Equipment: According to the operating requirements, add raw materials to the mixing drum and start the equipment for mixing.

  4. Observe Equipment: Observe the operating status and mixing effect of the equipment, promptly detect and resolve equipment malfunctions.

  5. Shut Down Equipment: After mixing is completed, shut down the equipment, clean the interior of the equipment, and prepare for the next use.

JNHTC’s concrete mixer trucks range from 4 cubic to 16 cubic meters, offering you a variety of options.

If calculated by weight, our concrete mixer trucks can accommodate approximately 9 tons to 40 tons.

A mixer truck costs about 15,000$-38,000$, depending on the configuration chosen, so the price varies.
Contact JNHTC to get a free quote.

Of course, customization is possible. Common configurations for mixer trucks include: mixer drum capacity, gearbox, motor, and pump brand.

If you need a mixer truck now, please contact us.

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