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Durable and Affordable: Unveiling Our Concrete Pump Truck Solutions

About Concrete Pump Truck

Concrete Pump Truck is a mechanical device that utilizes pressure to continuously transport concrete along a pipeline.

Its fundamental working principle involves transporting concrete to the construction site through the delivery pipeline, enabling concrete pouring at great heights and distances. Concrete pump trucks employ advanced hydraulic systems to maintain uniform flow of concrete during transportation, ensuring construction quality.

Concrete Pump Truck Video

This video shows common machinery used in the door and window making process. And how they work, the details.

Buyer Guide

  1. Matching Equipment to Project Requirements: Assess the project’s scope, size, duration, and mobility needs to determine the appropriate maximum pumping capacity, boom length, and chassis configuration. Examine both the exterior and interior quality of the product, including appearance, painting, weld seams, structural components, platforms, and railings. Evaluate the performance and quality of the chassis engine, gearbox, differential, hydraulic components, pumping system, boom, rotation mechanism, and slewing bearing.

  2. Performance Evaluation: Evaluate the smoothness and flexibility of all operations, such as boom extension and retraction, and check for abnormal vibrations. Ensure that the chassis meets maneuverability requirements regarding driving, turning diameter, approach angle, departure angle, and ground clearance. Assess the engine’s fuel consumption and other economic indicators, verify the reliability and stability of remote control operations, and scrutinize the manufacturing quality of homemade booms. Structural components should be made from high-strength, fine-grained carbon steel to reduce weight, with strict welding requirements to avoid issues like weld seam cracking.

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