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Dependable and Affordable:Crane truck for sale

About Crane Truck/Boom truck

The truck crane, also known as a mobile crane, is a type of transportation vehicle that combines a crane with a chassis. It consists of components such as a boom, turntable, chassis, and outriggers. The mechanical actions of the truck crane, including telescoping, extension, rotation, and hoisting, are achieved through mechanisms such as variable amplitude and winching. Different combinations of these actions allow for lifting operations.

Truck cranes are widely used for lifting and transporting infrastructure materials and other equipment in municipal construction, coal mine projects, landscaping, and various other construction applications.

Crane Truck Video

In this video, you can see the appearance and product details of the crane truck.

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Buyer Guide

  1. The weight of the lifting load: You need to purchase a crane truck that can withstand the weight of the lifting load.

  2. Conditions of the usage site: You need to choose a crane truck type that is suitable for the conditions of the usage site.

  3. Maintenance and upkeep of the crane: You should select crane truck products that are easy to maintain and service.

  4. Price and quality: When making a purchase decision, it’s important to consider both the price and quality. Don’t just focus on the price while overlooking the quality and performance of the product.

  1. According to crane type:

    • Straight-arm crane: Features a straight boom.
    • Folding-arm crane: Features a folding boom.
  2. According to transmission device:

    • Mechanical transmission: Operated mechanically.
    • Hydraulic transmission: Operated hydraulically.
    • Electric transmission: Operated electrically.
  3. According to the arrangement of the crane:

    • Front-mounted: Crane is mounted at the front of the vehicle.
    • Center-mounted: Crane is mounted in the center of the vehicle.
    • Rear-mounted: Crane is mounted at the rear of the vehicle.

Additionally, based on the length of the boom, crane trucks can be classified into short-arm, medium-arm, and long-arm types. Different types of crane trucks are suitable for different engineering and operational environments. For example, short-arm crane trucks are suitable for narrow roads and complex construction sites, while long-arm crane trucks are suitable for high-altitude operations, bridge maintenance, and tasks requiring a larger operational range.

Depending on the configuration, the price of a crane truck varies, typically ranging from $15,000 to $38,000.

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