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High-Quality Dump Trucks at 40%-50% Off!

Due to updates in China’s truck emission standards, we have a batch of brand-new dump trucks that have been in inventory for two years. After careful consideration by our leadership, we have decided to sell these dump trucks at a discounted price. Currently, there are 200 units available for sale.

You can view the products or watch the videos to learn more about this batch of dump trucks.

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Excellent Condition

We ensure that each truck has a mileage of no more than 500 KM, making them nearly identical to brand new vehicles.

Comprehensive Inspections

Each truck undergoes thorough inspections, and we provide regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

Fast Delivery

With over 200 units in stock, we can expedite shipping to ensure quick delivery.

New Tipper Truck 8X4 440HP 12 wheeler 40% Off

Howo T7X 6×4 Dump Truck 380HP tipper Truck 40%off

Sales Staff Explanation Video

Our sales representative, Monica Lv, has recorded a video for this batch of trucks. The video not only provides an introduction to these trucks but also captures detailed shots, allowing you to see the vehicle specifics more clearly.

Contact Our sales staff to get a free quote!

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