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Reliable Quality And Cheap Fire Truck For Sale

About Fire Truck

A fire truck, also known as a fire engine, is a specialized vehicle used for firefighting or other emergency rescue purposes. Fire trucks are classified by function into various types, including water tank fire trucks, foam fire trucks, dry powder fire trucks, remote water supply fire trucks, aerial ladder fire trucks, and hydraulic platform fire trucks.

Currently, fire trucks are equipped with functions such as firefighting, rescue, communication, lighting, smoke exhaust, elevation, and support.

Fire Truck Video

This video shows common machinery used in the door and Fire truck process. And how they work, the details.

Fire Truck Configuration

Fire Pump

Provides a water source for firefighting, ensures stable water pressure, and enables the fire suppression system to quickly deliver water to the fire scene.

Fire Water Cannon

Primarily used for extinguishing fires from a distance, it features high flow rate and long range, making it an excellent firefighting tool.

Firefighting Equipment

Can be equipped with air foam guns, water guns, water dividers, fire hoses, to meet various firefighting needs.

Double-row seat cab

The double cab can carry multiple firefighters, ensuring that both the fire truck and the firefighters can reach the accident scene quickly for rescue operations.

Fire Truck Hose Water Spray Demonstration

Fire Truck High-Pressure Water Cannon Demonstration

Fire Truck Rear Water Spray Demonstration

Things to note when buying a Fire Truck

When selecting a fire truck, several factors need to be considered:
  1. Vehicle type: Choose the appropriate vehicle type based on your needs. There are light, medium, and heavy-duty fire trucks available, each suited for different scenarios and purposes.

  2. Water capacity: The water tank’s capacity is a crucial indicator of a fire truck. A larger water tank can provide a longer firefighting duration, improving rescue efficiency.

  3. Operating pressure: The operating pressure of the fire pump is another important factor. High-pressure fire pumps can deliver higher water pressure, suitable for firefighting in situations such as high-rise buildings that require high water pressure.

  4. Foam mixing system: For oil fires, a foam mixing system is essential. It can mix water and foam to enhance firefighting effectiveness.

  5. Nozzles and hoses: Nozzles and hoses are key components of a fire truck. Choosing high-quality nozzles and hoses can improve firefighting effectiveness and extend the equipment’s lifespan.

Fire Truck Blog

Sharing tips on fire truck maintenance

I. Fire truck body maintenance (1) Regular car washing: Fire trucks are prone to dust, mud and other substances during use. If they are not cleaned in time, they will cause damage to the body. Therefore, regular car washing and keeping the body dry can prevent water stains from damaging

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