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Dependable Garbage Trucks: Quality Assurance and Assured After-Sales Service!

About Garbage Truck

Garbage trucks are mainly used for municipal sanitation and large factories and mines to transport various garbage. They are especially suitable for transporting domestic garbage in residential areas.

The new garbage truck has the characteristics of reliable quality, low failure rate, easy maintenance and low operating cost.

Garbage Truck Video

In this video we demonstrate in detail how a garbage truck operates

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Buyer Guide

Depending on the category and configuration, the price is generally between 15,000USD-38,000USD.

1. Compactor garbage truck: Equipped with compression function to compress garbage into smaller volume for easier transportation and storage. Suitable for handling large amounts of solid waste to increase loading capacity and reduce garbage volume.

2. Hook lift garbage truck: Primarily used for collecting and transporting containerized garbage such as food residues, paper waste, and plastics. It features convenient collection and dumping functions, suitable for garbage disposal in various scenarios.

3. Swing arm garbage truck: Designed with a swing arm for easy dumping of garbage. It is suitable for collecting various types of waste, such as construction waste and industrial waste, with strong adaptability and flexibility.

4. Side loader garbage truck: The garbage bin can rotate for easy dumping of waste. It is suitable for collecting large amounts of garbage, such as road cleaning and construction waste.

5. Sealed self-dumping garbage truck: The garbage bin has a sealing function to prevent odor and secondary pollution. Suitable for collecting various types of waste, such as garbage, sludge, and concrete.

6. Docking garbage truck: Adopts docking method for dumping garbage, suitable for collecting large-scale construction waste and industrial waste. It has high dumping efficiency and stability.

7. Kitchen waste garbage truck: Specifically designed for collecting and transporting kitchen waste such as food residues and swill. It features high automation and good sealing, suitable for optimizing kitchen waste treatment and resource utilization.

The lifting height of garbage trucks can vary depending on the specific type and configuration. For swing arm garbage trucks, the lifting height generally ranges from 1.5 meters to 3.5 meters.

In residential areas within cities, where garbage bins are typically lower, the lifting height may be around 1.5 to 2 meters.

In contrast, in downtown commercial areas or tourist attractions where roads are wider and there is heavier foot traffic, garbage bins may be higher, allowing for lifting heights of 3.5 meters or more.

It’s important to note that the lifting height may vary between different truck models, so the appropriate choice should be made based on the actual requirements.

Before purchasing a garbage truck, you need to first confirm the type of garbage truck you require.

For example, for a compactor garbage truck, you typically need to choose the cubic capacity.

As for hook lift/swing arm garbage trucks, you generally need to confirm the tonnage of the arm and the size of the garbage container.

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