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Reliable Yet Budget-Friendly Fuel Tank Trucks: Quality Assurance Included!

About Oli Tank Truck

Oli Tank truck, also known as oil trucks are primarily used for the transportation and storage of petroleum derivatives such as gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricating oil, and coal tar.

They serve various functions depending on their intended use and operating environment, including oil suction, pumping, and the distribution and storage of multiple oil fractions.

Oli Tank Truck Video

We recorded a video on the appearance of the oil tanker and the oil drain valve.

If you need Oli tank truck please click the button to contact us, we will also upload more product videos on our Youtube later

Buyer Guide

Tank trucks consist of a specialized vehicle chassis and an upper assembly, which includes the tank body, power take-off device, drive shaft, gear oil pump, and piping system. The piping system comprises components such as oil pumps, three-way four-position ball valves, bi-directional ball valves, filters, and pipelines.

The tank structure is typically elliptical cylindrical or trapezoidal, constructed from high-quality steel plates. The tank can be single-compartment or multi-compartment, with the compartments optionally divided into chambers. Intermediate baffles with through holes are welded at the bottom of each compartment to enhance structural rigidity and reduce the impact of liquid sloshing during vehicle operation.

Different configurations of tank trucks have different prices, about 15,000USD-38,000USD.

Common options: how many warehouses are divided into, whether to install a fuel dispenser, pump, and tank material (carbon steel or aluminum alloy)

For more options, please contact sales personnel

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