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Efficient, Affordable, Quality: Powder Truck for sale

About Powder Truck

The bulk Powder Material Truck is a specialized vehicle designed for the transportation of large quantities of powdered materials. It is suitable for the transportation and pneumatic unloading of dry materials with particle diameters not exceeding 0.1mm, such as fly ash, cement, lime powder, and ore powder.

The vertical unloading height can reach up to 15m, and the horizontal conveying distance can reach up to 5m.

Powder Truck Video

This video shows common machinery used in the door and window making process. And how they work, the details.

Buyer Guide

The working principle of a powder tank truck relies on the fluidization characteristics of the powder for unloading. Powder fluidization refers to the condition where, as air flows into the powder layer from the bottom of the container, the friction between particles and the weight of the particles becomes equal when the air velocity reaches a certain value (e.g., 0.015 meters/second for cement). As a result, particles are no longer dependent on the fluidized bed and can move freely from top to bottom, keeping the upper surface of the powder in a horizontal state similar to a liquid.

Its working principle involves transferring the energy of the powder through components such as power take-off devices and drive shafts to the air compressor. Compressed air flows into the tank, and the powdered substance is liquefied through liquefaction equipment. Due to pressure differences inside and outside the tank, the powdered substance and gas are sent to the designated location through the unloading line.

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