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Refrigerated Truck Sale With Good Cooling Effect And Good Quality

About Refrigerator Truck

A refrigerated truck, also known as a chiller lorry, is a specialized enclosed vehicle designed for transporting goods requiring temperature-controlled environments, such as frozen or perishable items. It features a built-in refrigeration unit and a thermally insulated compartment tailored for the safe transportation of chilled or frozen cargo.

Reefer trucks find widespread use in the transportation of various commodities, including frozen foods, dairy products, fresh produce, pharmaceuticals, and vaccines, among others.

From a manufacturing perspective, we typically classify refrigerated trucks into three categories based on their specialized equipment: refrigerated trucks, insulated trucks, and fresh-keeping trucks.

Refrigerator Truck Video

We recorded videos around the refrigerated truck, chassis, and cab.

If you need refrigerator truck please click the button to contact us, we will also upload more product videos on our Youtube later

Buyer Guide

Generally between +12℃ to -20℃

The temperatures can be adjusted and maintained for different storage applications.

A refrigerated truck costs about 15,000$-50,000$. The specific price depends on the configuration you need.

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Common options: cab, box size, cooler brand, horsepower, wheelbase, etc.

If further information is required please contact JNHTC

The refrigeration equipment of refrigerated trucks must be maintained regularly.

It is generally recommended that the refrigeration machine be maintained every 500 hours, or once a year.

If the use environment is harsh, it is recommended to shorten the maintenance cycle to ensure the normal use of the cooler.

You need to consider all your needs, such as how much cargo to transport, what minimum temperature is required, what kind of cab the driver needs, you need to consider a lot of factors.

Contact JNHTC to provide the most suitable solutions and products for your needs.

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