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Shacman X5000

Lower the weight

Implementing six weight reduction solutions, the X5000 series reduces the vehicle weight to as low as 8.35 tons.

Enhanced Performance

Lighter weight translates to improved performance and greater fuel efficiency.

Luxury Car Configuration

Comparable to 15 super configurations of luxury cars, offering unparalleled comfort.

Advanced Safety Systems

Enjoy top 10 all-around safe auxiliary driving systems, providing you with a secure and intelligent travel experience.

Buying Advantages

Why Buy Trucks from JNHTC?

We purchase 10000+ trucks in bulk every year, so we can get a better price.

When you buy from us, you will not only enjoy the quality guarantee, but we will also give you some extra vulnerable parts.

We will recommend a truck that better suits your needs, For example, we recommend the most suitable configuration according to your usage environment and purpose.

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