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Shacman X6000

High-Efficiency Powertrain

Features the WP13H engine with thermal efficiency over 50%.
Equipped with a new intelligent AMT and drive axle, achieving power efficiency over 99.7%.

Predictive Power Control

Utilizes terrain-based data for optimized power control.
Ensures ultra-low fuel consumption for different road conditions.

Intelligent Thermal Management

Smart control for optimal water temperature in various environments.
Advanced cooling system with reduced water and wind resistance, increasing cooling efficiency.

Aerodynamic Design

Incorporates low-resistance body features and advanced airflow technology.
Reduces overall wind resistance by 15%, improving fuel efficiency and performance.

Buying Advantages

Why Buy Trucks from JNHTC?

We purchase 10000+ trucks in bulk every year, so we can get a better price.

When you buy from us, you will not only enjoy the quality guarantee, but we will also give you some extra vulnerable parts.

We will recommend a truck that better suits your needs, For example, we recommend the most suitable configuration according to your usage environment and purpose.

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