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Dependable and Affordable:Vacuum Trucks for sale

About Vacuum truck/Sewage Suction Truck

Vacuum trucks, also known as sewage suction trucks, are mainly used for the suction, transportation and discharge of sludge, feces or sludge in petrochemical plant sewage tanks in sewers, rainwater wells, inspection wells, septic tanks and various ditches.

The sewage suction pump can self-prime and self-discharge, the sewage suction tank can be hydraulically self-unloaded, and the back cover can be opened hydraulically. The sewage suction truck has high vacuum and long suction range.

Vacuum truck Video

You can see what our vacuum truck looks like here

If you need refrigerator truck please click the button to contact us, we will also upload more product videos on our Youtube later

Buyer Guide

In the operation of vacuum trucks or vacuum tankers, the work typically involves two main steps: liquid suction and discharge. These steps are primarily facilitated through the collaboration of a vacuum pump and a pressure relief valve.

JNHTC sells vacuum trucks ranging from 3 cubic meters to 22 cubic meters.

According to different configurations, our prices range from 15,000USD to 38,000USD

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