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New Tractor Truck, Good Quality And Cheap Price

About Tractor Truck/Prime Mover Truck

Tractor truck also called Prime mover truck ,refers to a large truck or semi-trailer where the tractor truck unit (also known as the cab or truck head) is used to tow the trailer. In the production process, the tractor truck typically refers to the truck head, while the trailer part is usually called the semi-trailer.

Both the tractor truck unit and the trailer can be separated and towed independently by other tractor truck units or trailers.This design offers greater flexibility and efficiency in transporting goods, allowing for customized trailers according to different types and purposes.

Compared with ordinary trucks, semi-trailers can improve the overall economic benefits of road transportation. Transportation efficiency can be improved by 30-50%, costs can be reduced by 30-40%, and fuel consumption can be reduced by 20-30%.

Tractor Truck Video

Taken by JNHTC business staff, the scene is shot around a tractor truck.

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Buyer Guide

In the first method, the front half of the trailer is mounted on the fifth wheel coupling on the rear section of the tractor truck, with the rear axle of the tractor truck bearing some of the trailer’s weight. This is commonly known as a semi-trailer.

In the second method, the front end of the trailer is connected to the rear of the tractor truck, with the tractor truck providing only forward pulling force while towing the trailer, without bearing the trailer’s downward weight. This is known as a full trailer.

1.Anti-skid: Prevent the driving wheels from spinning when driving on slippery roads such as snow, making the vehicle start and accelerate smoothly. Especially on snowy or muddy roads, the traction control system can ensure smooth acceleration of the vehicle and prevent the vehicle from swaying or rear-ending due to slippage of the driving wheels.

2.Flexibility: When towing vehicles, the train has better maneuverability and flexibility.

3.Reliable work: ensure reliable, convenient and fast connection between tractor and trailer.

4.Smooth: The traction force can be transferred to the trailer smoothly and has a certain buffering effect on impact loads.

The weight of a semi-trailer tractor mainly depends on the load capacity and dead weight of the semi-trailer it is mounted on. Generally speaking, the dead weight of the tractor is between 5 tons and 20 tons, and the maximum load capacity that the mounted semi-trailer can bear ranges from 20 to 80 tons. Therefore, the total weight of the semi-trailer tractor is about 15 tons. to 30 tons.

Of course, common configurations of tractor trucks include: cab, saddle size, tires, horsepower, wheelbase, etc.

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