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Howo Truck Parts/Sinotruk Spare Parts

Truck Parts For Sale

JNHTC is a professional Sinotruk import and export company. We also provide Sinotruk parts to customers.

Since there are too many types of accessories, you can contact us directly and take a photo of the accessories you need to replace. Our sales staff will give you feedback as soon as possible.

Engine Parts

Engine assembly

It includes fuel system, crankshaft connecting rod mechanism, valve mechanism and intake and exhaust system, lubrication system and cooling system, and engine body components.

Gearbox Accessories

About Gearbox

Transmission accessories include but are not limited to torque converters, planetary gear transmission mechanisms, hydraulic control systems, electronic control systems, cooling and oil filtering devices, gears, shafts, bearings, clutches, torque converters, oil pumps, oil filters, seals, gaskets, springs, etc.

Truck Axles

About Axles

The axle is divided into the front axle assembly, the middle axle assembly and the rear axle assembly, which are composed of many parts.

Frequently Replaced Accessories


Contains truck tires, wheels, oil filters, diesel filters, air filters…

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