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Top Quality, Low Cost, Multi-functional: Our Water Tank Truck Collection

About Water Tank Truck

Water Tanker Truck, also known as a water sprinkler truck, is a specialized vehicle used for transporting water.

It is utilized in urban roads, large industrial areas, military installations, parks, and other locations to clean roads, maintain hygiene, suppress dust, water plants, spray pesticides, and beautify the environment. Additionally, it can serve as a temporary emergency vehicle for firefighting water spraying.

Water Tank Truck Video

We recorded videos on the appearance, chassis, water tank, etc. of the water tanker

Buyer Guide

  1. For areas with smaller usage spaces like factories or communities, a water sprinkler truck with a capacity of 3-5 tons would suffice for daily needs. For applications in municipal or highway settings, opting for slightly larger capacity models such as 8-12 tons would be preferable.

  2. Even among water sprinkler trucks with the same capacity, the functionality and configuration may vary. In addition to standard features like front flush, rear spray, and side spray nozzles, some models may come equipped with a rear working platform featuring a high-pressure water cannon capable of spraying water columns or mist. Optional features like trays and dosing units may also be available to meet specific needs such as urban environmental maintenance. Therefore, it’s essential to choose different configurations based on actual requirements.

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