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Affordable Wrecker Truck: Quality You Can Trust!

About Wrecker Truck

Tow Truck also known as Wrecker Truck or recovery vehicle.

Are mainly divided into one-to-two flatbed towing trucks and one-to-one tow-and-lift towing trucks. The one-to-two towing truck can carry one accident vehicle on the flatbed while simultaneously towing another accident vehicle with its towing device. On the other hand, the one-to-one towing truck can only handle one accident vehicle at a time using a tow-and-lift method.

However, compared to the one-to-two towing truck, it has a higher towing and lifting capacity. Towing trucks are primarily used to remove accidents, breakdowns, and illegally parked vehicles from roads, serving as specialized vehicles for managing traffic flow.

Wrecker Truck

From the video you can see the two rescue methods of the rescue vehicle.

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Buyer Guide

 A wrecker truck consists of a chassis, lifting device, towing and hoisting device, hydraulic system, electrical control system, vehicle body, and toolboxes.

It is equipped with lifting, dragging, and towing devices mounted on a specialized cargo chassis. It possesses multiple functions including lifting, pulling, and towing.

Based on structural performance: Flatbed rescue trucks and tow-and-lift rescue trucks.

Based on structural characteristics: Integrated tow-and-lift rescue trucks, separated tow-and-lift rescue trucks, flatbed carrying rescue trucks, and platform lifting rescue trucks.

Based on operational capabilities: Light-duty rescue trucks, medium-heavy rescue trucks, and super-heavy rescue trucks.

Based on the operational functions of the boom arm: Fixed boom arm rescue trucks, sliding boom arm rescue trucks, and rotating boom arm rescue trucks.

Based on the main functions of the tow arm: Unfolded tow arm rescue trucks, foldable (non-load-bearing) tow arm rescue trucks, and load-bearing foldable tow arm rescue trucks.

Wrecker trucks typically range from $15,000 to $38,000 USD.

Detailed prices vary based on configurations. Please contact our sales representatives for more information.

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