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Detailed Functions of Refrigerated Trucks

Refrigerated trucks play a crucial role in the transportation of fresh and frozen food items. They have also evolved into specialized vehicles to cater to various transportation needs, with customizations to meet the requirements of different types of cargo. Here, we explore the expanded functions of refrigerated trucks.

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Main Extended Functions of Refrigerated Trucks

  1. Meat Hook Refrigerated Trucks

    • Function: These trucks are equipped with reinforced structures and multiple meat hanging rails inside the insulated compartment.
    • Capacity: A small refrigerated truck can carry up to 40 pieces of pork (120 kg each), a 6.8-meter truck can carry up to 120 pieces, and a 9.6-meter truck can carry up to 200 pieces.
    • Refrigeration: Dual-temperature refrigeration units for faster cooling.
    • Use Case: With the restrictions on live pig transportation due to African Swine Fever, these trucks are essential for transporting inspected and slaughtered pork.Refrigerated truck pork rails and hooks
  2. Pharmaceutical and Vaccine Refrigerated Trucks

    • Function: These trucks maintain a constant temperature of 2-8°C for transporting pharmaceuticals, with GSP certification required.
    • Equipment: Equipped with temperature recorders and ventilation slots to enhance airflow and prevent goods from sticking to the walls and floor of the compartment.
    • Use Case: Crucial for transporting vaccines and COVID-19 test kits, ensuring they remain at a stable temperature and effective.Refrigerated truck temperature and humidity control display
  3. Live Fish and Seafood Refrigerated Trucks

    • Function: The interior of these trucks is made from 304 stainless steel to prevent corrosion.
    • Equipment: Fitted with movable fish tanks and oxygen bottles to keep live fish alive during transport.
    • Use Case: Ideal for transporting live fish and seafood to their destination.Refrigerated truck for transporting live fish
  4. Chick Transport Refrigerated Trucks

    • Function: Insulated with an 8 cm thick layer for optimal temperature maintenance.
    • Equipment: Includes multiple ventilation windows, a high-power exhaust fan, and a temperature control system to ensure a comfortable environment for chicks.
    • Use Case: Ensures high survival rates for chicks, ducks, and goslings during long-distance transportation.Refrigerated truck chicken transport compartment
  5. Piglet Transport Refrigerated Trucks

    • Function: These trucks have three layers with multiple partitions, and ventilation and air purification systems.
    • Equipment: Equipped with a drinking system, spray system, temperature control system, monitoring system, and hydraulic lift system.
    • Use Case: Provides a luxurious and safe transport environment for piglets, ensuring their well-being.Refrigerated truck for transporting live pigs
  6. Medical Waste Transfer Refrigerated Trucks

    • Function: Designed for the secure transportation of medical waste.
    • Equipment: Features double-layer sealed doors, stainless steel interior for easy disinfection, and UV sterilization.
    • Use Case: Prevents the spread of infectious diseases by safely transporting medical waste, with increased demand during health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic.Medical waste transportation by refrigerated truck Interior of a refrigerated truck transporting medical waste


Refrigerated trucks are not only vital for the transportation of fresh and frozen food items but also play significant roles in various other industries, including pharmaceuticals, medical waste management, aquaculture, and livestock transport. Customizing refrigerated trucks to meet specific needs enhances efficiency and ensures the safe and effective transportation of various goods.


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