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Refrigerated Truck Daily Use And Maintenance

1. Preparation before starting the vehicle

Check the appearance of the vehicle to ensure that the body is not damaged, the doors are tightly closed, and the door locks are normal.
Check the tire pressure to ensure that the tires are in normal condition, without obvious wear and foreign objects embedded.
Check the refrigeration unit of the refrigerated truck to ensure that its appearance is not damaged and the components are firmly connected.
Check the battery power to ensure that the vehicle can start normally.

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2. Operation of the refrigeration unit

Open the refrigeration unit control panel and set the required temperature and working mode.
Start the refrigeration unit, wait for the unit to run stably, and observe whether the temperature display reaches the set value.
During transportation, regularly check the operating status of the refrigeration unit, including parameters such as temperature, pressure, and power.

3. Cargo loading

Before loading the cargo, ensure that the interior of the car is clean, dry, and odor-free.
The cargo should be placed reasonably to ensure air circulation and avoid blocking the cold air channel.
Different types of cargo should be stored in partitions to prevent cross contamination.

4. Precautions during transportation

Regularly check the temperature in the car to ensure that the cargo is always in a suitable refrigerated environment.
Avoid sudden braking, sharp turns and other violent driving operations to prevent affecting the stability and refrigeration effect of the goods.
Pay attention to road conditions and try to choose flat roads to reduce vehicle bumps.

5. Vehicle parkin

When parking, choose a flat, well-ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight.
Turn off the refrigeration unit and cut off the power supply.
Lock the car door to prevent the theft of goods.

6. Regular maintenance

According to the requirements of the vehicle manufacturer, regularly maintain the refrigerated truck, including changing the oil, filter, etc.
Check the refrigerant of the refrigeration unit and replenish it in time if it is insufficient.
Clean the interior of the car and the refrigeration unit to keep the equipment in good working condition.
It should be noted that there may be differences in the specific operation and maintenance of refrigerated trucks of different models and brands. Please be sure to refer to the product manual and relevant regulations of the refrigerated truck used for correct operation.


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