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Introduction to the Components and Functions of a Vacuum Sewage Suction Truck

A vacuum sewage suction truck is suitable for the suction of sludge and sewage from various urban networks. It uses a high-quality tractor head, high-performance engine, and vacuum pump that integrates professional manufacturing technologies from Europe and the United States. The perfect combination of these four elements results in excellent quality. As a specialized maintenance vehicle for clearing sewage from drainage pipelines, it features high power, large displacement, high effective suction range, large volume, and high automation.

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Sewage suction truck configuration details picture

Components of the Vacuum Sewage Suction Truck

The vacuum sewage suction truck consists of the following main components: original chassis, vacuum suction pump, power take-off, drive shaft, water-gas separator, oil-gas separator, multi-way directional valve, tank body, sewage discharge valve, waste level window, vacuum pressure gauge, pipeline system, hydraulic system, and operating system.

Tank Body Construction

The tank body is made of high-quality 4-6mm carbon steel, with the tank head molded in one press. The tank can open at the back and features dual top self-dumping. The waste in the tank can be directly dumped through the rear cover, facilitating the cleaning of sediment and solids inside the tank and the maintenance and repair of the tank interior.
Options include stainless steel or steel-lined plastic, and metallic paint for the tank body.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system consists of an oil tank, oil pump, multi-way directional valve, hydraulic cylinders, oil filter, and piping. This system enables the specialized function of self-dumping the waste inside the tank. The operating system controls the multi-way directional valve’s handle to complete the self-dumping operation (the power take-off must be engaged to drive the oil pump).

Waste Discharge Structure

The waste discharge structure allows for direct discharge through the rear sewage discharge port or by opening the rear door for self-dumping, with two hydraulic cylinders lifting the suction tank for discharge.
The angle between the tank bottom and the ground is no less than 45 degrees, allowing waste to be self-dumped by gravity. The product advantages include high suction efficiency, self-priming, self-discharge, and self-dumping functions. The tank can be fully filled in ≤5 minutes, with a suction range of ≥6 meters. It features a long service life, high vacuum degree (higher than that of sewage suction trucks), longer suction range, higher pressure, fast working speed, easy operation, and convenient transportation. An imported anti-overflow device prevents sewage from backflowing into the vacuum pump system when the tank is full.

Functional Overview

The functional overview includes designing and manufacturing the truck to handle complex urban networks and surrounding work environments.
Its functions cover high-pressure washing, pipeline dredging, sewage suction, and transportation of waste. It can perform regular operations such as suction of sludge, stones, and bricks and also handle dredging and cleaning of small rivers. It has quick and efficient emergency response capabilities for urban sanitation, emergency rescue, and special petrochemical industry operations involving waste suction, dredging, cleaning, reverse discharge, transport, loading, and unloading.

Optional Features

Optional features include extended suction pipes according to user requirements (the longer the pipe, the smaller the suction force), optional water spraying device or cargo compartment (allowing the vehicle to function as a sewage suction, water spraying, and cargo transport vehicle), optional full-tank alarm device (automatically alarming when the tank is full to prevent overflow and damage to the vacuum suction pump), and special requirements for vacuum sewage suction trucks can be designed and modified according to user specifications.


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