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The Cause Of Insufficient Suction Of Sewage Suction Truck

Everyone knows that the sewage suction truck is a new type of sanitation vehicle that collects and transfers, cleans and transports sludge and sewage to avoid secondary pollution. It can self-prime and self-drain, and it has a fast working speed and large capacity. It is relatively convenient to transport and is more suitable for collecting and transporting feces and mud, as well as liquid substances such as crude oil. The entire sewage suction truck mainly relies on suction to carry out sewage suction operations, but sometimes there may be some low suction conditions, which is quite annoying for many users. So what are the reasons for these? Let’s answer it together now. It uses a vacuum pump to discharge the air in the tank to form a vacuum, thereby forming a negative pressure and using the pressure of the air to generate suction.

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If the suction pipes or suction pipes of these vehicles leak, and there are leaks in the vacuum exhaust pipes, then it will not be able to reach the vacuum state, and it will not be able to generate enough suction, and there will be insufficient suction. There is also wear of the vehicle’s vacuum pump, and there are generally two types of wear of the vacuum pump, one is the wear of the shell, and the other is the wear of the scraper. The vacuum pump will slowly wear out after a long time of use. If the shell is severely worn, the inner wall of the entire shell is not smooth, and grooves appear, then maintenance will not work, and it can only be replaced. The wear of the scraper is also relatively common. After the pipe is worn, it cannot be close to the inner wall of the suction pump to form a vacuum, so the scraper must be replaced in time.

There is also the gate of the suction vehicle pipeline closed or not opened enough, and it is possible that the suction pipe is blocked. At this time, even if the vacuum pump generates a certain amount of suction, it will be blocked in the gate or pipeline because of the suction, so that the sewage cannot smoothly enter these suction tanks, which will create a false impression of low suction. Another aspect is that the exhaust pipe is blocked, because the gas that is usually discharged from the tank goes from the anti-overflow valve exhaust pipe to the water-gas separator, and then from the water-gas separator along the pipeline into the vacuum pump. The gas that needs to be discharged is forcibly squeezed out in the vacuum pump, and then passes through these separators and is discharged outside the vehicle. If these parts are blocked, it will also cause poor exhaust, resulting in insufficient suction.


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