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Detailed Explanation of Water Truck Functions

There are many types of water trucks on the market, primarily differentiated by chassis and tank capacity. When deciding which water truck to choose, customers often consider the specific work environment. Today, let’s explore several common environments and how to select the right water truck for each.

For those familiar with water trucks, you may know they serve various functions such as front flushing, rear spraying, side spraying, high-position sprinkling, and green spray cannons. But are you using these functions correctly? Today, I’ll explain the roles of each function and the suitable work environments, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency when operating a water truck.

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1、Water Truck Front Flushing

The front flushing function of a water truck is mainly used for cleaning city streets. It effectively flushes mud, debris, and garbage to the sides of the road, facilitating sanitation workers in cleaning and improving efficiency. This reduces the risk to sanitation workers during their operations. The water truck’s front flushing feature generates high pressure, covering a width of up to 18 meters, making it capable of cleaning six lanes easily.

2、Side Spraying Function of Water Truck

The side spraying function of a water truck is primarily used for irrigating and cleaning urban green belts. During hot summer days, it cools down and cleans dust from the green belts on either side of the road. In autumn, it irrigates the green belts to prevent them from drying out. This function replaces traditional manual watering of vegetation, reducing costs and enhancing operational efficiency. The side spraying of the water truck can operate on one side or both sides simultaneously, and the nozzles can be interchangeable between fan-shaped nozzles and duckbill nozzles. This feature is particularly suitable for municipal sanitation departments.

3、Back Spraying Function of Water Truck

The back spraying function of a water truck is primarily used for dust suppression and road maintenance in urban areas. During hot summer months, it helps reduce urban road surface temperatures and contributes to road maintenance, preventing expansion of road surfaces due to high temperatures and cracking in dry autumn conditions. The back spraying of the water truck covers a wide area, up to a maximum of 10 square meters. Due to its broad coverage, this function is often employed in environments such as coal mines and mining facilities where dust is prevalent.

4、High-position Sprinkling Function of Water Truck

The high-position sprinkling function of a water truck is primarily used for irrigating and cleaning the relatively tall vegetation along roads, reducing the amount of dust stirred up from the road surface. This feature is typically equipped on water truck models with a capacity of 12 tons or more. It can operate on both sides simultaneously or on one side alone.

5、Greening Cannon Function of Water Truck

The greening cannon function of a water truck is mainly used for washing factory buildings and cleaning urban glass curtain walls. It has a maximum spraying range of up to 30 meters and can be adjusted to spray in columnar or mist patterns. This function is effective, efficient, and can also be used for emergency firefighting purposes.


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