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Detailed Functions of Water Sprinkler Trucks

Water sprinkler trucks come in various types, primarily distinguished by their configuration functions and the capacity of their tanks. Users familiar with water sprinkler trucks might know some of their key functions, including front flushing, rear sprinkling, side spraying, high-position showering, and greening water cannon. Today, Elvis Su will explain the roles of each function and the suitable working environments to maximize the effectiveness of the water sprinkler truck, making it twice as effective with half the effort.

1. Front Flushing Function

The front flushing of a water sprinkler truck is mainly used for washing city streets. It can flush mud and debris to the sides of the road, making it easier for sanitation workers to clean and enhancing work efficiency while reducing the danger to workers. The front flushing has high pressure, with a washing width of up to 18 meters, easily cleaning six-lane roads.

2. Side Spraying Function

The side spraying function is primarily used for irrigating and washing urban green belts. In the hot summer, it can cool down and wash away dust from the green belts along the road. In autumn, it can irrigate the green belts to prevent dryness. This function replaces traditional manual watering, reducing costs and increasing work efficiency. The side spraying can operate on one side or both sides simultaneously, with spray heads that can be replaced with lotus or duckbill nozzles. This function is mainly suitable for municipal sanitation departments.

3. Rear Sprinkling Function

The rear sprinkling function is mainly used for reducing dust and maintaining road surfaces. In high summer temperatures, this function can lower road temperatures and maintain the roads, preventing road expansion in summer and cracking in dry autumn. The rear sprinkling covers a wide area, up to 10 square meters. Due to its wide coverage, it is often used in coal yards, mines, and other dusty environments.

4. High-Position Showering Function

The high-position showering function is primarily used for watering and washing relatively high vegetation on roads, reducing dust on the roads. This function is usually equipped on water sprinkler trucks with a capacity of 12 tons or more and can operate on both sides simultaneously or on a single side.

5. Greening Water Cannon Function

The greening water cannon function is mainly used for washing factory buildings and urban glass curtain walls, with a maximum range of 30 meters. It can be adjusted to spray in a column or mist form for effective pesticide application, high efficiency, and can also be used for emergency firefighting.


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