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How to Properly Maintain a Tow Truck

1. Regularly Check and Tighten Components

Due to the uneven load and impact of vibrations during operation, tow truck components, such as nuts and bolts, can loosen. It’s crucial to perform periodic inspections and ensure all fasteners are secure. Conduct thorough, multi-directional checks to prevent accidents caused by loose parts.

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2. Lubricate Bearings Before Operation

Before operating a tow truck, make sure all bearings are well-lubricated. Allow the vehicle to warm up until the water temperature reaches 40 to 50 degrees Celsius before starting any tasks. Avoid prolonged low-speed or overloaded operations. Routine maintenance of the engine is essential to keep it in optimal working condition.

3. Ensure Continuous Supply of Cooling Water, Diesel, or Gasoline

Always ensure a continuous and timely supply of cooling water, diesel, or gasoline. Interruptions or delays can cause engine start-up issues, reduced power, poor combustion, and other problems, leading to improper engine performance. Insufficient or interrupted oil supply can result in poor lubrication and increased wear on internal components. Inadequate cooling water supply can cause the engine temperature to rise, reducing power and overall lifespan.

4. Properly Break in the Tow Truck

The break-in period is critical for every component of the tow truck. Follow the specified guidelines for the break-in process before putting the vehicle into regular use. Proper break-in ensures the longevity and efficiency of the tow truck.


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